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Kamisha Bengals - Kathy Shaw

Kimberly Reinbrecht

Masterpiece Ragdolls

Misty Creek Maine Coons

MMW Maine Coons / Michele Woolley


Hospitality Sponsors

CottonMeow Ragdolls

Elaine & Fred Weitz


Terri L Zittel


The Evergreen Cat Fanciers

A Two-Day, Twelve-Ring Back-to-Back Cat Show
(Traditional Format - 10 Allbreed & 2 Specialty Rings)

cat with hearts

February 11 & 12, 2023
Ferndale Events Center — Ferndale, Washington

This show will be open to the public - click here to go to our visitors' site

The Evergreen Cat Fanciers will follow all government-mandated safety guidelines in effect on the show dates.


Ring Sponsors
(Individual Rings)

Carolscats Alter Boys

McSmitten British Shorthairs & Longhairs

Michele Hagmann

MikaSu Birmans and Maine Coons

Junior Ring Sponsors

Gea Bassett

Elaine & Fred Weitz

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