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Congratulations to all the 2020-2021 winners!

In Memory of RW SGA Pinecoon Darjeeling of CarolsCats

Kimberly Reinbrecht


Meili's Cattery

Rainier Savannahs
Take a walk on the wild side!

The Maine Event


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Rainier Savannahs
Take a walk on the wild side!

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Rainier Savannahs (both days)
Take a walk on the wild side!

The Evergreen Cat Fanciers

A 2-day, 12-Ring Traditional Back-to-Back Cat Show

October 9 & 10, 2021

Northwest Regional Awards Show and Banquet!

Ferndale Events Center - Ferndale, Washington

This show will be open to the public.
If you'd like to see the show, see our visitors' site

Note: The Evergreen Cat Fanciers will follow all
government-mandated safety guidelines in effect on the show dates.

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Aoi Neko Maine Coons

GentleTouch Ragdolls (2 rings)

Kassandra Burnham (2 rings)

MishiKoonz (2 rings)

Mountain View Maine Coons (2 rings)

Naked, Warm and Wrinkly Donskoys

Quasarcats & Ravenspurr Maine Coon Cats

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