Cat Show Rules

For your safety and the safety of the cats and exhibitors, please follow these rules while visiting our show:

  • ALWAYS ask permission before TOUCHING or PETTING a cat.
  • ALWAYS ask permission to photograph a cat.
  • A person carrying a cat has the RIGHT OF WAY.
  • If you hear the words "CAT OUT," stand still until you hear "CAT CAUGHT". DO NOT attempt to catch the cat yourself.
  • NEVER stick your fingers in a cage OR open an unattended cage.
  • NO RUNNING or LOUD NOISES, please.
  • DO NOT approach the cages in the judging rings — please remain in front of the judging stands AT ALL TIMES.

Thank you for your cooperation - have a great time and enjoy the show!

Click here for a printable (PDF) version of these rules that you can bring along to the show.